Summary of our products and services

Products Services

Drilling rigs

1.Shallow water rigs
2. Offshore rigs

Drilling, Production and Workover operations

1. Engineering modeling,
2. Formation evaluation,
4. Directional Drilling,
5. Drilling fluids system,
6. Completions and Perforation services,
7. Mud logging,
8. Cementing,
9. Well testing,
10. Solid control and waste management
11. Fluid handling
12. Stimulation (acid fracturing, acidizing etc)
13. Recompletions
Drilling tools

1. Drill pipes,
2. Drill collars,
3. Drill bits,
4. Drilling muds,
5. Specialty drilling fluids
6. Completions fluids
7. Downhole tools

Well intervention services

1. Coiled Tubing,
2. Wireline services,
3. Cased hole services,
4. Stimulation,
5. Fishing

Local Content Plan
Our local content policy is designed to promote the development of local (indigenous) companies within the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Specific emphasis is placed on hiring and training local staff, use of local suppliers and ensuring all requirements set by the Nigerian Local Content Bill are met.

Provisions to ensure that:

1. First consideration shall be given to services provided, from within Nigeria and to goods manufactured in Nigeria,

2. Nigerians shall be given first consideration for training and employment in the work programme

3. There shall be consideration for Nigerian Indigenous service companies, manufacturer’s and equipment providers that demonstrate ownership of equipment, Nigerian personnel and capacity to execute such work.